Sometimes people have issues where they get an endless Pacman animation and the application is not coming up. If you suffer from this, here are some hints on how to deal with that.

Check The Logs

The logs are usually in the .specter subfolder of your homediretory. There, you might find a file called specter.log and/or specterApp.log. If you're running Specter as a binary application (in contrast to a pip installation) which most people do that specterApp.log is the relevant file for you. This file might contain content which gives a hint on what's wrong. If you can't find anything suspicious, feel free to create a pastebin and ask in the chat for help (with a link to the created pastebin).


Sometimes some devices attached via USB are blocking the startup. We had that in the past with a Game-Controller. In one case, the USB drivers where so screwed up, that only a windows in protected mode could start Specter.

Check Port 25441

Maybe there is another instance (still) running. Check that via opening your brower here: http://localhost:25441 If that's the case, the most easy solution is to reboot your computer.

Check security software

Sometimes, security software is distorting the startup.

E.g. Acronis is a protective system which is known to prevent starting up of Specter on windows. Other security-software might be behaving similary. For troubleshooting purposes, switch off your protective software and try again. If that helps, you need to allow specter to be running on port 25441. Check the manual on how to achieve that manually.

Check Whether the Binary is Existing

The first thing Specter is doing if you start up the app is downloading the correct specterd from the GitHub-release page and storing that executable in the Homefolder/.specter/specterd-binaries subfolder. You should find a file called specterd. If the file is there but you still get the endless Pacman, try one of the following things: * delete the file so it'll get redownloaded * download it from the GitHub-release page and place it manually there, especially if you're not properly connected to the internet * start the specterd manually via the command line